Is it time to go sober?

How long does it take to break a habit?

As a regular wine imbiber I quit my routine glugging when advised to prior to a recent operation. Then, in recovery (from the op, not the booze) I stayed mostly dry, just enjoying the occasional G & T.

Was it a challenge? No, not really. I loved my FeverTree tonics with my Seedlip non-gin gin. My reflux reduced, as did my belly. I’d broken the habit of quaffing on pinot once the clock had struck seven... or so I thought.

The surgeon’s ‘good to go’ signalled a return to driving and spontaneous shopping. My first early evening purchase was milk, but my second was Merlot, corn chips and salsa. Was it a one-off treat? Sadly, not.

So how long does it take to stop drinking?

There’s no simple answer to this. With any habit change there needs to be a commitment to it and a desire to change. In my case I was aware I drank over the recommended units and cutting down would benefit me. But was I committed to stop drinking altogether? No.

Even though I’m back to buying a bottle or two of my favourite vino per week, I’ve definitely reduced my intake. My digestion is better and I know that an evening without alcohol is much the same for me as an evening with it.

There are different opinions on how long it takes to break a habit and of course everyone’s relationship with alcohol is different. If you’d like to review your drinking visit and if you want to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support and go sober in October visit

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